New iTunes “Videos” Section


Just commenting on a small detail that is wicked cool with iTunes 6.

Have you gone into the Videos section? Any videos that you’re storing in iTunes, whether they be downloaded music videos, interviews bundled with albums, or a miscellaneous item you dropped in because you could, they’re all stored in Videos, within iTunes now. I guess I can delete my Smart Playlist that looked only for movies.

But you know what’s completely hot about this Videos section? Observe closely, the reflection of each video’s thumbnail. Did you get that? The reflection. Yeah. Small detail, but pretty cool when you notice and think about it.

Typical Apple. Nicely done, Cupertino.



Just found this post now

For anyone still reading it, how would you do this using the gimp or photoshop

It would look so good on a keynote



Amazing what a vertical flip and a bit of perspective applied to a little thumbnail does, huh? :)

Chris Holland

“i can see reflections. they’re everywhere. they think they’re actual matter reflecting sunlight. but they’re just reflections.”



This is a very neat feature, and it’s the attention to small details which seperate Apple from all the rest. I hope the next version of iPhoto takes some queues from iTunes, as it’s ‘Smart Photoalbum’ option is not nearly as flexible as iTunes (and, for that matter, iTunes Smart Playlists could have a lot more power added to them, like the ability to have both a ‘match all’ and ‘match any’ section).

Ken Sutin

The reflection in video window is tres cool.

I am disappointed that I was unable to get the video’s audio to play through Airtunes. Hopefully, this will be enabled in the next rendition of iTunes.

Kevin Ballard

Reflection? I can’t tell. My only video starts off with a black frame, and the Set as Poster Frame contextual menu item on the video doesn’t seem to work.

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