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Jib-Jab Team Signs 5 Shorts Deal With MSN

The JibJab team, of the JibJab political cartoon fame, have bounced from AtomShockwave to Yahoo to now MSN, for online rights to its animated shorts. This time, it has signed a five-series deal with MSN, for debuting online at MSN Video. The news short debuted tomorrow night on TV on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” on NBC…called “Big Box Mart,” it pokes fun at the traits of megasized retail store chains.

In addition to the distribution relationship, MSN and JibJab are collaborating to provide “additional opportunities for MSN advertisers to integrate their brands and products directly into future JibJab shorts”. MSN also has secured the rights to show past films from the JibJab archives…

MSN will sell traditional TV ad units next to the JibJab films on both MSN and JibJab, a first such deal for MSN where it is selling ads outside its network.