Its Cold In The City


For third time in two months, I am down with cold/flu and all that stuff. Posting is going to be painfully slow, though a couple of friends are planning to help out this weekend. I hope, I am not out for too long….


Rohan Jayasekera

Perhaps you should try COLD-fX, a product based on North American ginseng. It’s becoming massively popular here in Canada, including availability at my local supermarkets (it’s a Canadian product). I had a cold recently and with COLD-fX it was almost entirely gone after 2 days (instead of my usual 10 or so). I’m now taking it preventively. It’s claimed to be good for flu as well. It’s available in the USA, online at least (do a web search).


Three colds in two months? Sounds like you’re badly run down. Time for a visit to the doc and plenty of fresh fruit, veg and vitamins. P.S. Thanks for a great blog!

Thomas Hirsch

om — Hope you feel much better soon. Once fever is gone, make sure you get a flu shot, now widely avalable.


Om, chronic cold/flu is NOT normal. You should visit an ENT specialist to make sure everthing is okay north of your chest.


dude.. best way to deal with this cold, get your running shoes out and go to the gym. jog for an 1/2-1 hour 5 days a week.
For instant relief from the cold, take thin slices of grated ginger with honey. Bout 2-3 times a day until your cold is gone. Used to have a constant cold. Now I run, its gone.

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