HotSpotting around the planet


The number of worldwide Hotspots has jumped to 76,987, according to recent data from JiWire with London, Tokyo and Paris being the top cities. Surprising news – San Francisco is not even in the top ten list.


Scott Rafer

Not surprising in the least. Ji-Wire and Wifinder depend on commercial providers to send in data. Having wi-fi in San Francisco is so common that cafes don’t both to market the fact beyond a sign in their windows. It’s still rare enough in those other cities that it’s worth the time to fill in a form or two on some web sites.

Vinnie Mirchandani

but no consistent way to access the hot spots. On a trip last month through Paris, I was delighted my Boingo account would allow me to roam while I transited at CDG airport. The local provider dropped me every 5 minutes (and kept sending me emails asking if I wanted to access the web – in French) and to add insult to injury I came back to see a $ 100+ “premium usage” charge from Boingo. When I called to dispute it, they said I would need to take it up with Amex…fortunately those numerous French emails are still in my deleted email folder…

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