Cut the charging cord with Splashpower


The dream of setting your mobile phone, PDA or other mobile device on a charging pad has been out there for years.  Imagine the freedom from power adapters and cords, just drop your phone on the pad and it will recharge the battery.  Splashpower demonstrated just such pads at the CEATEC 2005 show in Japan recently.  The products demonstrated are the Multi-SplashPad which charges more than one device at a time, the Single SplashPad which charges a single device, and receiver modules that OEMs place in their mobile products so they can be used with the SplashPads.  Splashpower is in negotiation with several OEMs to incorporate the receivers in future products.  We’re getting closer.


(via Sumocat’s Scribbles)



Now THIS I like! If it’s a portable (And lightweight ;) product aswell, it’s perfect :).

Let’s just hope they make it big enough for all our gadgets to fit on it :D.

Eric Mack

Given that this device likely uses magnetic induction, I wonder if there’s a disclaimer: “Warning, do not use in the presence of electronic devices. May cause harm to information on magnetic media.”


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