Teachers using mind maps in class

Teachers at Warrenwood Elementary in Fayetteville, NC have been using mind maps in class for two years and are seeing good results.  They are using the ability to include pictographs in mind maps to help children remember facts learned in class.  They find that younger children retain information much better when they create pictorial links to the information. 

Teachers today have to work with children who learn in different ways, and mind-mapping helps with that, Palmer said. Children who struggle to read or write can communicate using pictures and other visual aids, for example.

“They think they’re drawing and playing, and they don’t realize they’re taking notes,” Principal Ann-Marie Palmer said.

Mind-mapping will help children on end-of-grade tests, she said. Children who can’t recall a page of notes may remember a picture and its associations in order to answer questions on the test, Palmer said.

It seems to me these lucky children at Warrenwood are also learning good note-taking skills for the future, too.  Kudos for these educators trying innovative techniques to help the kids better learn the material.

(Fayetteville Online via jkOTR reader David Hill)


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