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Apple surpassed everyones expectations today, releasing not only a video iPod, but a video store, as well as a new iMac with home media center software, and an integrated iSight.

The New iPods!
Apple released revisions to their iPod line that include larger screens and the ability to play videos. The iPods are available in both white and black, and in 30 and 60 GB capacities, for $299 and $399 respectively. The iPods have a 2.5 inch 320×240 pixel display, and are 30% thinner than their predecessors. The iPods will begin shipping in two weeks.

iTunes Video Store and iTunes 6
Users will now be able to purchase and download videos from within iTunes. The store will offer over 2,000 music videos, available for $1.99 each. Also available will be episodes of selected ABC TV series, such as Lost and Desperate Housewives, which will also sell for $1.99. All videos will be in H.264, and will be playable on up to 5 computers, and unlimited iPods. The videos will not however be able to be burned to a disc. The videos will be protected using Fairplay DRM. iTunes 6, which is available for download today, adds the “Gift” feature, which allows users to send videos and music to their friends.

New iMacs
Apple also revealed today an update to their line of G5 iMac computers. The updated versions have an integrated iSight camera, as well as built in media-center capability. FrontRow will allow users to control and view media using the machines integrated remote control device. The new machine will ship with Apples Mighty Mouse, signaling the end of an era of one button meeses.

All in all, today was a fabulous day for Apple fans around the globe. Steve Jobs’ assertion that “no one wants to watch video on a tiny screen” seems to have been rescinded, ushering in a new era of portable digital content.



I’m extremely frustrated. I’m in a serious need for a new powerbook YESTERDAY.. AND I WANT a PPC and not Intel… so Stevie blew it for me today.

I was ready to spend the cash for a 17 LOADED New Powerbook and we get an ipud that can view Desperate Housewives? I don’t even watch ABC or much TV. Zowie!

Are we pro users being ignored now? :mad:

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