Remember The Milk, Another Online To-Do List


Remember The Milk, is another online to-do-list which is free and has some interesting features like iCalendar and RSS support. I especially love the idea of reminders via email, instant messenger, and SMS. Just remember, it is not a calendar, but instead a to-do-list. The company has open-sourced some of the core technology behind Remember The Milk, at PHP-JSON which allows the development of fast, scalable AJAX-style PHP/JavaScript web applications.


P. LaNasa

Remember the Milk is a great example of an AJAX-based site, but really doesn’t differ too much from Ta-Da List or anything previous. takes a far simpler than Remember the Milk, but offers something completely different – daily, weekly, and monthly lists – to manage tasks that need to be performed on a regular basis.


Cool little app, but that’s really about it — this is how you know we’re likely near the top of Web 2.0 – the large chunks of functionality have been carved out, leaving a bunch of smaller applications or really features.

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