OnTheRun with Tablet PCs Podcast is born


A lot of people have been asking me "when are you going to do the next Tablet PC Show?".  The simple answer is- never.  Now, don’t get all excited, this is a good thing for listeners of the show.  Marc Orchant and I have decided it is a good time to take the show off The Podcast Network and produce it independently.  Don’t ask me the reasons because I won’t tell you, it just seemed the right thing for us to do at this time.  We wish The Podcast Network continued success and growth.

So what does this mean?  Marc and I are hard at work on the first "OnTheRun with Tablet PCs Podcast" and should have it ready in a few days.  The show will still cover the Tablet PC spectrum, discussions about hardware, software, maximizing the potential of Tablet usage, and of course, interviews with key players in the Tablet PC community.  I guess you could say the name has changed but the show will go on much as before.

The OnTheRun with Tablet PCs Podcast will be distributed through jkOnTheRun so if you already have your RSS reader subscribed (you do, right?) then you’ll also see the podcast.  Otherwise, just point your podcatcher to the jkOTR feed and you’ll be sure to not miss a single episode.  And believe me, you don’t want to do that.

To help us with the launch of the podcast I am looking for those of you who have a Tablet PC and a little graphic artist talent to provide a sketch of a Tablet for the show cover art.  The chosen artist will have the satisfaction of knowing their original art work is being seen by thousands of listeners every time the podcast is played.  You’ll be famous!  Submit your sketches to me at  jk AT jkontherun DOT com.



Sweet – can’t wait, and will be watching out for it !

Looking forward to more insights from you Tablet PC Guys . . .


Nick, will list the show on iTunes as soon as the first show is released.

Not a name, what difference does a separate feed make?

Not A. Name

There ought to be a podcast feed. Not just a podcast in the middle of the jkotr feed.


Oh goody. I thought someone had died or something, it was only a falling out lol. The quality of tablet pc show and tech addiction is what got me into really downloading podcasts in the first place and I was really pissed when that announcement popped up the other day on thepodcastnetwork.

Jeff Singfiel

Great news! It’s been over a month I think and I too had almost lost hope that you guys would continue. While my aggregator may stay pointed to TPN:Tab show, it was pointed here first!


Eagerly awaiting the show. And please mention Maggie Bushway. The members of her family can use all the encouragement, help, and prayers they can get.

Colin Walker

Eagerly awaiting the first of the OTR shows, I originally thought that delays might have been due to Hurricane Katrina but it all becomes clear :)

I’ve missed my commutes listening to Marc and yourself – it’ll be good to have you back.

Vince Anido

This is great news James. I’m glad to hear you two will continue to talk about TPCs and tech.

Best of luck!



Mark Sumimoto (Sumocat)

So glad you’re changing the name, not just because the old name was a tad plain, but more because I find the “OnTheRun” brand to be quite clever. But why not make it even closer and call it “TabletPCsOnTheRun” or “TPCsOnTheRun” or “tpcOnTheRun”? We can shorten it “tpcOTR”. Just a thought.

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