Macromedia: We Listened: Flash Player 6 for Pocket PC Is Available Again


Proving once again that good companies listen to their customers and users, Macromedia announced they will once again provide the Flash Player 6 for Pocket PC as a download.  They are claiming it is for developers which is a nice way to say we won’t support it for end users but that’s OK, as long as it is available for Pocket PC owners.  From Macromedia:

On October 3 we decided to remove the free Flash Player 6 for Pocket PC from our site for various reasons. After doing so, however, you—our developer community—let us know that you were not happy with the decision. You gave us your feedback by contacting us directly, expressing your opinions in our forums and other Pocket PC developer forums. Some of you spoke with me directly about this topic. Thanks to everyone who voiced concerns and contacted us. We appreciate your feedback and perspective, and most importantly, we appreciate your taking the time to let us know.

The developer community as a whole is very important to us, and it’s essential for us to listen to your requests and provide the best resources and support we can to help you focus on expressing your ideas using our technologies.

As of October 11 we are making the free Flash Player 6 for Pocket PC download available for developers again.

Kudos to Macromedia for reversing a bad decision!  You can download the Flash Player on their web site.



I for one have even less respect for them now.

They haven’t reversed their original decision.

All they’ve done is force Pocket PC consumers wanting the player to pretend they are “developers” aka force them to be liars to get the code. Worse, I haven’t seen any change to the license. If you are not a developer you are technically in violation of the license which could mean users are technically liable for civil damages for “stealing” the code aka not just liars, but lying thieves.

Whatever issues they are having with set top box OEM’s, they shouldn’t be using Pocket PC consumers as sacrificial pawns in their negotiations with those OEM’s.

Tablet PC User

That’s fantastic! I have even greater respect for Macromedia…it takes a BIGGER man to say he’s wrong and change.

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