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iPod Video: The ABC Deal

Some more details on the potentially groundbreaking Apple-ABC deal on iPod video:

— Business 2.0 hinted the deal a few months ago, here

Reuters: “I think it’s hard to overestimate the plate tectonic movement of this deal,” Jobs said in an interview. “I think it’s just the beginning.”

WSJ: Disney CEO Bob Iger said making TV shows available on iPods could broaden the distribution of his company’s products, and hinted that more content could be forthcoming. “We think it’s just the beginning,” he said.

FT: It also represents the first bold move by Robert Iger since he took over as CEO of Disney on October 1, and demonstrates his vision of using technology to increase sales of the company’s prized television and film content. “For the first time ever, prime-time shows can be purchased online the day after they appear on TV,” he said.

Neowin: Apple were screening the event at the BBC studios in London; there was some speculation that there would be video content for UK users but alas, that does not seem to be the case at this time. Raw deal continued, UK consumers will be paying