Farewell to the eMac.


It looks like Apple has quietly dropped the eMac off the list of shipping Macs in the wake of today’s announcements about the new iMac and video iPod. It’s not even listed on the Educational Store.

UPDATE (10/14/2005) : Looks like I spoke too soon, as it appears the eMac still lives. Apple has kept the eMac going for its educational customers, with http://apple.com/emac now going to http://apple.com/education/emac


Nikko O. Bengco

I was thinking about this one when apple started introducing mac mini. When mac mini came out, all i could think was=”This mac mini will surely kill the emac”.

And voila, emac is now gone. And i dont believe Apple will still continue to create a new eMac.

eMac has had enough exposure already.

It is not a good move for Apple to create another eMac. Because people will be buying mac mini instead.

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