Bad Toshiba customer support

Tracy Hooten is a lot more patient than I am, I think.  She’s been waiting for a month for Toshiba to repair her M200 Tablet PC and isn’t getting anywhere with them.  She’s blogged about how it took her days to get the fact she bought the “super duper no questions asked” warranty acknowledged by Toshiba so she could send it to them for repair.  She’s blogged about how she’s waited for 24 days now for the actual repair to get completed so she can get her Tablet PC returned.  She’s blogged about the fact the status of her repair keeps changing on the Toshiba status site.  Through all of this Tracy has been cool, calm and collected.  Me, I would be screaming from the top of the Toshiba headquarters.

Let’s help Tracy get her Tablet back.  Anyone with a Toshiba horror story about repair or customer service difficulties please chime in here with a comment.  Let’s see if a string of unsatisfied customers can get Toshiba’s attention about Tracy’s plight.  It’s worth a shot as she has nothing to lose since she is already without her precious.


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