Are Buyers Lining up for Vonage?


The buyers are lining up for Vonage, which apparently has rejected a $1.5 billion deal, reports the Light Reading. Does this mean IPO plans are not going along as smoothly as thought of earlier? There are rumors that BellSouth might buy them. Maybe they changed their mind over past three months, but back in July, BLS folks were rolling their eyes at the mere suggestion. Vonage rivals are making contingency plans incase a Bell operating company buys them. Ted says this reminds him of Pointcast. Others speculate Sprint, and some feel even News Corp. I am not sure who will buy them. We are in after all in the season of strange couplings. Who saw an eBay-Skype deal coming?



I guessed GOOGLE on the Skype………or EBAY

but Vonage with BellSouth???????? A sheer ACT of DESPERATION or an innovative way to sneak into others territories????????? Makes Logical sense but MONETIZE the $450 per subscriber and what ya got???????? an OVER HYPED , over ADVERTISED expensive $25 per month service!!!!! Hell , If BellSOUTH gave me 1.5 billion , I think I could ”’FLOOD ” every internet page with ads to get customers to sign up!!!!


Jesse Kopelman

If I’m QWest, I’d think hard about a Vonage buy. This would give them some good buzz and the national presence they lusted for in their MCI humping .

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