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The Coming Mobile-Video Deluge

In what reads as a panegyric to MediaFLO Business Week has described a very promising future for mobile TV…
“Mobile video is set to take the wireless industry by storm. The U.S. mobile video user base may balloon to more than 20 million by the end of 2007, up from less than 1 million today, says Albert Lin, an analyst at American Technology Research (ATR). Assuming each subscriber pays $5 a month for such services, that would translate to a $1.2 billion market. Worldwide, more than 250 million people are expected to be watching mobile video by 2010, generating some $27 billion in sales, vs. with $200 million today, according to market consultant ABI Research.”
Astounding figures…one of the main drivers or facilitators (according to the article) is the falling price of video-capable handsets, some of which have dropped to below $100. If the handsets can play video anyway more people are likely to use the service…of course, it’s not automatic — the handsets have to be fitted with the right hardware and software to use the broadcast services.
Anyway, Lin predicts that “by the end of 2007, MediaFLO may command more than half of all mobile-video users”, which I can only assume refers to the US market since it’s a ridiculous statement to make about the worldwide market.
There are some points made as to why MediaFLO is better than DVB-H, including “with DVB-H, changing a channel might take up to 10 seconds…Plus, DVB-H will only allow users to view up to 10 channels. And because DVB-H will require transmitters to be densely seeded throughout a metro area, “it will cost twice as much in operating and capital costs” as MediaFLO, says Lin. MediaFLO will require only two to three transmitters to cover a whole city, Qualcomm claims.”
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