No more BlackBerry for US users?


Ugh, an annoyingly abysmal bandwidth weekend, I think I could tap out the bits with my pen faster than they were coming down the wire, which gives the wife more fuel for the no-Vonage fire.  Anyhoo, catching up with some thousand unread items in my aggregator and came across this nugget:

From the NYTimes Article: "As part of that litigation, NTP, whose only assets are wireless e-mail related patents, had been granted an injunction banning the sale of BlackBerry devices in the United States and forcing Research in Motion to stop providing e-mail services to all American customers except government account holders. While the court declined Research in Motion’s request for a complete rehearing by all 12 of its judges, it did order the panel of three judges to review some aspects of NTP’s patent claims." [via /.]

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