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Microsoft, Yahoo Plan IM Interoperability Pact

OK, yes, we get it…you all have lotsa news. Now slow down…really. Hopefully the last bit of news today: Microsoft and Yahoo are set to announce Wednesday a major IM interoperability pact…the users of Yahoo Messenger and MSN Messenger will now be able to chat with each others.

Together, the two command upwards of 44 percent of the market…AOL’s AIM has about 56 percent, says BetaNews.

This is the first big interoperability deal and should put pressure on AOL now…Keep in mind that all three, AOL, Yahoo and MSN, already have an interoperability pact on the enterprise side.

WSJ: WSJ broke the story here: the pact will include IM and voice chat. WSJ bills it as a radical move that will change the face of the coomunication industry. Hold on, I say…people have been using services like Trillian to communicate across networks for years now.

The dynamic on AOL-MSN talks about combining: “If those talks are successful, Microsoft and Yahoo’s plans could potentially extend to an even broader group of users and create a dominant platform for such communications,” writes WSJ.


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