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Gada beYou may have heard about the launch of Chris Pirillo’s new search service because it seems everyone is talking about it.  This is rightly so because in true Pirillo fashion is specifically designed to be easy to use on mobile devices like cell phones. is currently using 140 search services and returning results from all of those in one so it’s almost guaranteed you’ll find exactly what you are looking for when you use it for a search.

There are many innovative search engines but what sets apart from the pack is the simple way it’s been designed for search term input.  Want to search for Microsoft?  Type in  Or search for Tablet PC?  Enter  It’s especially useful for using with cell phones and their T9 keypads but it’s really cool on any computer or device.

Here’s the kicker– enter your search term follow by /OPML and it generates an OPML file for you automatically.  Chris gets it, and you should to.  Try it and you’ll see.  Great stuff, Mr. Pirillo. 


Juan Lopez-Valcarcel

JK, is great indeed!
With the growing list of sources and Pirillo’s focus on keeping the engine fast this could become the first in a new wave of improved meta-search engines.

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