Comcast Proposes DVD/VOD Service


A very good story on how Comcast is pushing to collapse the video windows prevelant in the industry, of course, for the betterment of its service. One scheme would put movies on its systems the same day they touch down in the video store.

The scenario: A Comcast customer with a digital box will see a menu listing for, say, The 40-Year-Old Virgin as much as six weeks in advance of its scheduled appearance on PPV. For a fee of about $17, the subscriber could call up the movie for one immediate video-on-demand showing. Two days later, the DVD of Virgin shows up in the mailbox for the subscriber’s permanent collection.

Mike Egan, cable consultant..says Comcast’s idea is the boldest strategy yet devised to counter “the poor treatment Hollywood has always given cable PPV in the windowing of its movies.”..Major studios like Disney and Sony might spark to the proposition, he says, because “they could use Comcast as leverage against the big retailers,” such as Wal-Mart and Costco.

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