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AOL-Weblogs Inc Deal: Some Futher Details

Couple of details on the AOL-Weblogs Inc deal…two components are not part of the buyout deal:

Blogsmith, which is the software tool the company developed to power its own sites, and has been hawking it as a separate ASP service for almost a year now, was not part of the buyout deal. Weblogs Inc blogs will continue using Blogsmith.

Hackaday, its controversial blog about, well, hacking all things legal, is also not part of the deal, and Jason blogs about it on his site: “Our thinking was that HackADay frequently gets itself into hot water doing things like voiding warranties, unlocking DRM schemes, and the like…Brian and I felt it would only be a matter of time before someone posted (in a blog post or a comment) ‘how to hack your INSERT_AOL_product_here’ or ‘How to hack INSERT_AOL_partner_product_here.’ If and when this happened we would wind up fighting with ourselves, and Brian and I thought we should just preempt that and avoid the headache.”