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Verizon Outage Hits Mid Town Manhattan

New York Post reports that a major snafu has left nearly 10,000 customers including high power ad-agencies without phone, and Internet services. The fix is not likely for a few days. The problem has been traced back to a fire that “melted cables inside a manhole at 38th Street and Madison Avenue.”

6 Responses to “Verizon Outage Hits Mid Town Manhattan”

  1. M .J. Leclerc

    Verizon has has an aoutage isue on Broadway & 6th avenue area around 28th street
    in NYC since 10/25/09.
    Busy signal when trying to call repair,go figure,they have to do better than this,

  2. Jesse Kopelman

    java2king, the difference between wireless and wired in these situations is how long it takes to fix. The big issue with wireless and huricanes is having power out, not damage to the towers themselves. In a place like NYC, you can replace/realign your antennae a lot quicker than you can fix a cut cable under the street. Have you looked at the price of FSO and millimeter wave systems recently? Probably cheaper to do GigE wireless in most cities than it is to lay new fiber (of course there is usually dark fiber close enough).

  3. then you could have 2 hurricanes like katrina/charlie knocking the heck out of your wi-max / cdma / 3G towers and we go scrambling for the wired stuff.

    Backups are backups are backups. Wired is here to stay, especially when we are talking about corporations that use gigabit ethernet as their backbone..wireless will remain a backup…at least for some more time.