Pre-order the More Space book today


The More Space book– More Space – Nine Antidotes to Complacency in Business is a collection of nine business bloggers “writing in their own unique styles. Each author challenges the premise that places of business can only be cold and uninspiring. By sharing their own experiences they offer up ways for you to re-ignite passion and enthusiasm in your work.”  Two good buddies of mine have authored essays in the book, Marc Orchant and Jeremy Wright.  If you pre-order the book before the October 25th release date you get a CD full of good stuff.  Details on the More Space web site.

Marc’s essay in the book is called “Work is Broken” and he describes it best in his own words:

“In it, I talk about the ways technology has changed how business is done and how individuals and organizations have not yet properly adapted to the challenges these changes have wrought. E-mail is broken. Meetings are broken. PowerPoint presentations are broken.

I provide some techniques and tools to fix what’s been broken. These ideas are based on successes we have enjoyed at my company over the past four-and-a-half years and from leading thinkers in the productivity space like David Allen, Bill Jensen, and Tony Buzan.”

Now I happen to know that Marc has a spot-on perspective of the problems facing businesses today and I will be ordering my book post-haste.  Congratulations to Marc and Jeremy and the rest of the contributors to this invaluable book!

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