Indian blogger quits IBM because of campus fracas


India Uncut has details about Gaurav Sabnis, a popular Indian blogger, who linked to an article by a local magazine that did not go down too well with IIPM, a local business school. IIPM started putting undue pressure on IBM and hinting that they will burn all IBM laptops and more. In his post Gaurav makes it clear that he left of his own accord because of “some really bizarre threats that were apparently made by IIPM to IBM.” This is just bizzare. Read the whole thread of stories here, here and here.



Thanks for picking this up. You blogging about it will make the issue known to many more people.

Have a nice day.


Even the advent of technology will not stop these uncivil people from resorting to GOODAISM (thuggish behaviour) . So the point of this IIPM is nobody should speak against them even though they are shitty. How could india be the world’s largest democracy.

-a disgraced Indian.


Thats ridiculous !!!! I smell something in the voluntary resignation though.
Why was IBM dragged in by IIPM !!! India (and its schools) have its own ways :), except the top notch ones.

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