Driving Peer-Generated Content

User-generated content is a significant portion of the carriers’ content business, so aiming to increase it is obviously a good idea. Australian company Amethon has come up with a way to reward the creators of peer-generated content based on how often the content is forwarded.
The first use of Amethon’s Content Fingerprinting technology is with FriendsWhoForward…

The beauty of this technology is that there is no applet that is required to be downloaded to a user’s phone, or additional user charging. Amethon Solutions Content Fingerprinting product manager, James Cleary said, “Put simply, the technology tracks content across the network. The FriendsWhoForward application allows a user who has created some interesting content – such as a funny video clip – to register it by sending it to an operator’s short code where it is tagged and tracked. The user then sends the content off to their friends, who also forward it on just like a normal message. The operator can then count the number of times the content is forwarded between more and more subscribers.”

This could see people increasing the amount of content they create on their mobile phones, and increase the likelihood of them sending it to their friends. Most of the user-generated content that goes pandemic that we hear about is bad, but that’s only because the good content that is shared isn’t newsworthy. Actually, it would be interesting to see some stats from this, find out who forwards what…
The benefit for the consumer will depend on how the operator implements the service, I expect, but could include: The ability to be rewarded for creating content that generates traffic, the ability to be recognised by their peers through a content popularity leader board, the ability to receive entertaining content that is recommended by their friends, the ability to be rewarded for promoting new types of content to their friends, and the technology is handset independent, that is, it is not reliant on the limited capabilities of the handset, so anyone can use it.
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