NetZero launches a VoIP Service


Dial-Up bottom feeder NetZero has launched a VoIP service, which doesn’t work with Mac. Its a softphone client and comes with the usual features. Interestingly, the company is bundling 2GB email with the package. (via neowin forums) Back in May 2005, the company CEO Mark Goldston boasted that their VoIP package was going to change the game. Well, that’s clearly not the case. I am not sure if it is only for high-speed customers of the company or for the dial-up guys. One thing is clear – adding VoIP (or blog) to your protfolio is the new dot-com strategy for publicly traded companies that have no business mucking around with these technologies.



NetZero’s VOIP service works over dial-up. What other service providers support this sizeable niche?


lets SEE the numbers and Subscribers and HOW MUCH they spend per customer aquisition first=========and the DIAL UP part ?????????


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