Fujitsu P1510 reviewed


P1500_thumbLaptop Notebook Review has published the first review I have seen of the tiny Fujitsu P1510 with the Tablet Edition operating system installed since Microsoft announced they are licensing the OS for inclusion with devices with passive digitizers.  The P1510 is an interesting convertible device in its own right but with the Tablet Edition it should be a killer device.  The review takes a good look at the features and usability of such a small Tablet PC and I recommend it to anyone curious about the littlest Tablet PC.  From the review:

With the Lifebook P1510, Fujitsu-Siemens breaks new grounds for the Tablet PC format, in terms of size, weight and portability. It’s a great tiny laptop that can do more than your average notebook and it doesn’t cost a fortune either.



I got one of these from Fujitsu as a second user device cost me peanuts. I have the bigger 512Mb version. There are times when it runs like a dog in XP and may look at Vista as an option, as I’m sure it’s the overhead of the tablet services in XP tablet edition being bolted onto xp that cause the problem. I’ve just upgraded the RAM to 1G (the price has gone down from £300 to £50 for the RAM upgrade). It has made a huge difference to the performance. It’s a great piece of kit and I always get random people wanting to know about it when I whip it out in public ;-).
Will feed back my experience of Vista if I go that way.

Ken Blum


I installed Windows Vista RC1 on the P1510, it runs brilliant! The new user interface Aero will not work, because of the grafics chipset, however, the standart Vista interface is great compared to Windows XP.

Good device, I like it ;) greets Ken


Googling around on this I’ve read 2 bits of bad news around this model..firstly it seems to be out of production, apparently a source in Fujitsu has confirmed that they are having problems with the motherboards that will take “some time” to resolve. Another (possibly connected) issue is some folks are encountering serious heat issues with the machine. The fan doesn’t seem to switch on early enough and there doesn’t seem to be a way to alter the fans settings

Posted – Sep 14 2005 : 3:10:27 PM
I ordered one two weeks ago and since today’s news about fujitsu will be releasing tablet pc OS with P1510 I called them to cancel the order. An interesting chat with the rep. Apparently, they are having difficultieswith the motherboard, and it’s going to take them awhile to solve them. That is why there is a backordered on the system.


I’m tempted , but the problem with buying any new machine now is uncertainty of its ability to run Vista, given the new OS is getting closer and closer

Anyone know if this model is going to be ok for Windows Vista?

Microsoft have say Intels 945G chipset is ok , but this machine has 915

(spec for the graphics is below)

Intel 915GMS with integrated 32-bit 3D/2D graphics core
with dynamic video memory technology, 256-bit internal
pass, 3-D accelerator, max. 128MB VRAM (UMA)
Max. resolution for external displays
1280 x 1024 / 16M colors/ 85 Hz

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