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Web 2.0 Con: Cuban, Powell, Williams, Hastings Talk Entertainment

The Power of Entertainment session featured John Battelle querying Mark Cuban, Netflix co-founder Reed Hastings, Odeo’s Evan Williams and former FCC chairman/gadget geek Michael Powell. (Cuban co-founded HDNet and co-owns 2929 Entertainment, which includes Landmark Theaterss, Magnolia Pictures Distribution, a stake in Lions Gate Entertainment and a movie production company.) Varying accounts of the discussion … Sean Bonner said it moved so fast he “missed some chunks.” Other dispatches from Scott Kirsner, Ed Costello (scroll down, he lumped all the afternoon sessions together).

iTunes for video: Cuban brought up the difference between an iTunes for video and iPod for video. Hastings doesn’t see it coming anytime soon. “The people on the content side are doing everything they can to keep things out of the hands of the people in this room.” (via Bonner)

Uptick in web video: Cuban: “It’s purely in response to $20 CPMs for audio and video. Period. End of story. It’s not that there’s all of a sudden this mass consumption of episodic content.” He is not a believer in long-form internet video viewing. (via Kirsner)

Distribution: Powell: “A problem is that the laws are written based on how the bits are delivered, not just that they are bits. If you use this kind of wire you are in this part of the bucket, if you use this kind of coax then you are over here. That’s the problem — how it’s delivered shouldn’t matter.” (via Bonner)