OS X Reproduced in Flash


I came across this site via Digg. In concept, it is very similar to FlyakiteOSX that Josh featured a while back. However, iFizzle is a bit more visually, if not technically, appealing. The opening of the apps, behavior of the dock, and even the way iPhoto displays photos is very authentic and fluid. Check it out, play around, and have a great weekend!

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There are two things:

1. FlyakiteOSX the application for windows, which contains an osx theme and a dock lookalike application.

2. Flyakite website which is definitly not written in flash even if it looks like. It’s javascript / Ajax… Big difference and great development effort :-)!

Greets Jonas

Chris Holland

yeah, same here, iFizzle looks more like someone putting an OS X “face” on their blog. it looks neat though. It’s just a totally different goal from flyakiteOSX.

David Appleyard

To be honest, I think I prefer FlyakiteOSX. A lot more of the ‘features’ (menus, login box, right click menu etc) all work in his. iFizzle is much more limited.

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