Digital vs. Actual Memories

User-generated content is expected to be a significant driver of mobile data usage, including such things as life-caching and moblogging, but Carlo has some questions about the increasing ubiquitousness of the practice…”at what point do we quit having actual memories and start relying just on our digital ones? Plenty of people seemed more involved in taking photos all the time, or trying to record songs on their phones, then actually watching and listening to the show. It’s as if being able to document they were at the concert — via photos, music, messages or phone calls — was more important than actually being there. Is that the flip side of having so many media recording devices with us all the time? Recording something “for posterity” takes precedence over the experience?”
Of course, this is nothing new. Since the advent of camcorders there has been an oft-derided subset of tourists who view their holiday through a lens, but there are far more handsets with video recorders and cameras than other devices. Personally, I think this level and type of activity is just a fad…people have a new device and they play with it…as you can see from Carlo’s picture example the images are often less than compelling. The practice will settle down with fewer people participating (although I read a story recently saying that a third of all households engage in “scrapbooking”, so perhaps it will continue to be popular) and also people being more selective about when to use their camera phones.