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Sprint, Vonage Lawsuit – Much Ado About Nothing

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Sprint’s decision to sue Vonage and a couple of other VoIP providers had left many scratching their heads. Business Week’s Olga Kharif writes, ” have to say that this is the tiniest, and the least detailed lawsuit I’ve ever seen.” Martin mocks Sprint’s decision and writes, “somebody in the legal department must have had one double espresso too many and got over-excited. I can’t see how this lawsuit is worth the PR mess.” Take his words seriously – he worked at Sprint and did some work for them. Jon Arnold in the Business Week story makes a case that this is a prelude to Sprint buying Vonage. Mark Evans is buying into Arnold’s theory when he writes, “I’m thinking Vonage CEO Jeff Citron is so anxious to create a liquidity event he’s probably willing to dance with Sprint legally if it leads to an acquisition.” Yup, its 1999.

7 Responses to “Sprint, Vonage Lawsuit – Much Ado About Nothing”

  1. Anonymous

    Roger Palmer
    4911 Manor Dr.
    New Port Richey, FL 34652
    Ph.# 727-232-1474 – Vonage Phone

    Acct.# 1003169988
    “What Gives Vonage ????!!!!

    My $50 Mail-In………where is it……..check my History of calling in…I have been told a different story
    every time I called in.

    Everybody lies about when I will receive my $50 Rebate ???????????

    I was told after Thanksgiving, before Xmas, between Xmas & New Years, then the last 3-calls( slate to be mailed out on Jan 3rd, 2006-by Supervisors); then my last call on January 3rd, 2006 – I was told “Due to a heavy rebate volume- it will be delayed – 2/4 weeks”

    I asked to speak with Mgr. and got Marlene #3354 – she told me a “whole new story” that I was misinformed by all previous Supervisiors / Represntatives – that my rebate is not scheduled until starting in February-March 2006 – “What Gives ????!!!!

    *My intentions: – if I do not receive my rebate ASAP !!!!! – I intend to file a complaint with the FTC and contact the Attorneys who represented those against you in the Emergecy Response – Fiasco !!!!!!!!!!

    I want my money !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Roger Palmer
    4911 Manor Dr.
    New Port Richey, FL 34652

  2. well voiceglo just changed the name to (tglo) and released beta version of
    looks like sprint doesn’t like another skype in open standars called

  3. JustThinking

    I think more along the lines of a stunt by Sprint to bring recognition to a product they plan to launch. You have smaller Vonage company with largest customer base in VOIP, bring their customers attention to your larger company service and maybe they switch. Personally I’d never switch but some would and I think it’s a marketing attempt that won’t work.

  4. T-Mobile insider

    time wise, this is an interesting piece. T-Mobile+comcast was supposed going to launch a Home Hot Spot in november.

    Think Cell phone with built-in wifi, and it hands off between the gsm network and home wifi network. You’d pay like $10 a month and get unlimited wifi calling at home, with the same cell number.

  5. Charlie Sierra

    Interesting angle. This would fold nicely into Martin’s comments about the Sprint Local Division spinoff could be a thorn in the RBOC’s side.

    The downside is that so far Sprint has not been willing to wildly overpay for somebody else’s business. So Jeffery’s greatest opposition might be his own VC’s.