jkOnTheRun named CNET Top 100 Blog!


I am thrilled to announce that jkOnTheRun has been named a Top 100 Blog by CNET’s news.com!  What is a CNET Top 100 Blog?

Cnet jkotr 100

jkOnTheRun has been selected as part of the News.com Blog 100, a feature in which News.com editors and reporters are helping find the best news and views on the Web for the convenience of our readers.

jkOTR has been tagged in the Digital Lifestyle category on the CNET list and I am honored to be included with such company as:

  • Engadget
  • Freedom to Tinker
  • Gizmodo
  • Justin’s Guide
  • Kotaku
  • Lifehacker
  • PVRblog
  • Terra Nova
  • The Gadgeteer
  • TiVoBlog.com
  • TVOver.net
  • JKOnTheRun
  • PCS Intel
  • This is totally unexpected and I can’t express how great this makes me feel.  Thanks to all you readers for spreading the word and following the blog!   Woooo Hooooo!

    Take a look at the entire list of 100 blogs– there are some great ones listed in various categories and you’ll find some real gems there.  Who said blogging is not going mainstream?  )


    Don Sorcinelli


    Just saw the news. I almost put a whole in the ceiling of my office jumping out of my seat :D

    Congratulations, buddy! Very, *very* well deserved.

    Leonard Egan

    Congrats, James. It is always nice when honest effort is rewarded!

    Davey A over in the UK

    Congratulations JK
    Well deserved.
    Superb Blogs with a good personal touch even when threatened by the recent forces of nature.
    Keep it going.


    That’s great James! Personally though, you’re in my top 10 :)


    Congratulations! Now please get busy with the tablet pc podcasts! We’re waiting!


    And it all started with a “portable” computer ‘lo those many years ago. Congratulations!

    Sean Murray

    Well, it’s about damn time! Congratulations James! Keep up the great work!

    Josh Bancroft

    Congrats, James! Isn’t it funny how the more mainstream media are picking up more and more on blogs? I got cited in a ZDNet article the other day, for crying out loud! ;-)

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