@ We Media: We Media 2.0, Presented: Audio

AP CEO Tom Curley, CBS Digital Media CEO Larry Kramer, Richard
Sambrook, Director, BBC Global News Division, Farai Chideya, Founder & Editor, PopandPolitics.com (and at NPR), along with Merrill Brown, consultant, are on stage now and debating their role in We Media. They really are the big media trying to get into “We Media” so to speak. Some excerpts:

Curley: Says AP has always been in citizen media and gives the example of Tsunami and Katrina…pictures provided by citizens on these tragedies. This is the first innings for us. We are a business to business model and stay that way.

Kramer: The reason I’m here is because of new features on CBSNews.com. We felt the need to have a filter on our Public Eye blog. The end game for us: it is not about the blog for us…it is all new for us. We’re trying to communicate in a personal way.

Sambrook: To call this a movement is selling it short..it is really a fundamental change. What is the value that we as a media company brings? Part of it is accessibility, part of it is being a facilitator. Part of it is verification. Some of it is where we add value…for me, it is about analysis and context.

Chideya: Over at NPR, we are adding staff in new media….we are hiring a music new media editor (who will do podcasts etc).

Curley: Where does old media ends and new media begins..it is still about 80:20. It is a large and growing market: the biggest change we can make is to help people who work at AP to understand the changes. That in itself will help build bridges to the communities they’re divorced from right now.

Curley: United States is behind, no question [in terms of faciliating media access through broadband etc]…

() The whole audio of the panel is available for download here