@ We Media: We Inc.

Another big media panel at We Media: Scott Rafer (not really big media), former CEO of Feedster; Craig Forman, VP & GM, Yahoo; Jennifer Feikin, Director of Google Video, Google; and Andrew Heyward, President, CBS News, are on the panel.

Feikin: Google Video: the business model is what the content provider wants it to be. It is for people who are trying to find an audience. We will enable payment mechanism soon it too..

Heyward: I think both big media and citizen media will exist in a symbiosis. You have to achieve certain level of commerciality for it to be viable. Right now, we haven’t really figured out the business model for citizen media.

Forman: It will be interesting to see what all these different forms of new media come to understand by “Respect my intelligence”.

() The whole audio of the panel is available for download here