@ We Media: Al Gore’s Keynote

Al Gore, former Vice President of U.S. (and now chariman of CurrentTV), is speaking now at the We Media Conference in NYC. He is on a tear, talking about the quality of public discourse in U.S.

TV makes it very difficult to engage in public discourse…TV networks are almost always disinterested in ideas contributed by citizens. There is no true interactivity and certainly no interaction. He says that CurrentTV is the only independently owned TV station in U.S. (I’m sure others would dispute that “fact”).

Two things I’ve learend about the Internet: first, as exciting as it is, it still lacks the single most powerful characteristic of TV. Because of IP bottlenecks, it still does not support real time distribution of full screen video, and make no mistake, that is what drives TV, and us. It is true that video streaming is becoming common and cheap storage is becoming possible…and timeshifting is possible now. Bandwidth is increasing..but it is TV, delivered over cable and satellite that will continue to be the dominant medium for the remainder of this decade. And that is a big threat..

() The whole audio of Gore’s speech is available for download here