TV-For-Phone Content Seen As Having Big Future

This article is aimed at the general reader, but it’s got quotes from a large number of industry players and analysts, which makes it interesting. One point that’s made is that mobile TV (can mobile content, for that matter) has a better chance of taking off in Europe and Asia because of the higher use of public transport, whereas the American obsession with driving reduces the amount of downtime available to use mobile content…except for kids content, of course. Lindsay Notwell from Verizon sees the opportunity as: “When you are standing in line for lunch, (with mobile TV) you can kill time, instead of waiting in line annoyed.”
Verizon won’t give details about its Vcast service but Motorola claims its E815 model — only available through Verizon — has been a hot seller and the company can’t produce them fast enough to keep up with demand.
“All of the content is delivered in snippets of 30 seconds to five minutes. It isn’t live, but it’s updated about 300 times daily, Notwell said.”
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