Sony’s Stringer Banks On Cell, Content For Growth

Updated: read below: Yeah, yeah…Sony CEO Howard Stringer said on Tuesday he was pushing forward with a growth strategy that revolves around its powerful “cell” chip, and leveraging content to drive electronics sales.

In a speech at CETAC Japan, Stringer said he is also banking on Sony’s large stable of movies, music and other content to boost electronics sales. As an example of this strategy, Stringer noted that Sony was enjoying strong sales of movie titles on a proprietary format for its hit PSP game console. The availability of movies, in turn, helps drive console demand.

>Update: Digital Lifestyles’ editor Simon Perry is at CETAC and had an audio reocording of Stringer’s speech, here…on Sony PSP, Stringer promised that owners will “soon be able to deploy the device’s built-in WiFi, to watch video from home entertainment terminals, anytime, anywhere in the world…he also said “to expect to see” a PSP with a high capacity MemoryStick which can be synchronised a DVR.