Blodget blogs, but beware


My day has gotten off to a rough start, because I just heard, Henry Blodgett is blogging here. I thought we were done with him, but apparently not. Look at his might wisdom on the Google-Sun thing right here. What next? Mary Meeker and Jack Grubman blogging!



Yeah, he’s damaged goods. Doesn’t mean he can’t blog, but certainly a “grain of salt” attitude is more than warranted.


Amen Om. ICGE nuff said, all while having the gall to quote Shakespeare. Don’t get me started.

Om Malik

tell that to folks who lost millions listening to him and merrill lynch’s advice. i am sorry, this is one i have no sympathy for, and there is no “forgiveness” in my heart for this dude…

Joe Garland

He’s been writing good stuff for a while. Check out his items on Slate on the Martha Stewart trial and investing in China.

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