I’m baaack


Yes, I am back from the Redmond visit and while it was an amazing week I am glad to be home.  You’ve probably noticed my blogging slowed down while in Redmond due to a complete lack of time.  Since coming back on Sunday I have been plagued by connectivity problems.  In Redmond on Saturday my Verizon EVDO card stopped working and was completely dead.  I spoke to Verizon on Monday and they overnighted me a replacement and I am now back in the land of EVDO.  My ISP in my office was also dead so yesterday I was only able to do light email work using my slow cell phone as a modem to get online.  Hopefully the technician will come out tomorrow and fix my broadband problem and all will be back to normal.  I’m pretty sure it is a bad cable modem that is causing the problem so I hope they just replace it as it’s five years old.  In the meantime I am quite happy having the EVDO back so I’ll bang out some interesting items today.

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