Easy Album Art


I just came across a fairly easy way of getting high resolution album art for any album in your iTunes library. Navigate in the iTMS to the album for which you want the art, right click on the album title in the top frame, and copy the URL. Then, post that URL into this site, which will give you links to both low and high resolution versions of the album art.



i googled for something completely different, but found your page… and have to say thanks. nice blog!


Very handy for those hard to find quality covers.
Anybody know of a similar site that works with the UK iTunes store? There’s the odd album you can’t get on the US store.

Radu Dutzan

You might need to change the “playListId” on the URL to “playlistId” to make it work.

And I don’t seem to like the UI of the Album Art Widget, mostly because of the design of the stars and the brushed metal that seems so inappropiate in the Dashboard. It also looks pretty cluttered, it has too many buttons for such a simple widget, it should be more like this one, it has never actually fetched artwork for me, but it’s damn simple and it uses rollovers to show extra song info and rating.


There are plenty of widgets avalible that make this a lot easier and just as effective. I like this one.

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