Cool Macromedia Flash Player for Pocket PC for only … $499!?

I am sitting here hitting my head against the wall. Literally.  In a move that no one on the planet can understand Macromedia has stopped providing the free Flash Player for Pocket PC and replaced it with a paid stand alone program that costs $499.  I’m not kidding, they expect Pocket PC owners to pay more for a flash player than they probably paid for their device.  Here’s the details from the Macromedia web site:

As of October 3, 2005 Flash Player 6 for Pocket PC download will no longer be available.

Does this change mean Macromedia will no longer support the Pocket PC platform?

No. You may still purchase a bundled device or you can go to the Macromedia Online Store to purchase Standalone Flash Player 6 for Pocket PC.

Here’s a graphic from the Online Store so you can see for yourself:

Flash player for 500 bucks

(via PPC Thoughts)


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