Verizon Wireless Seen Offering TV Via Crown Castle

“Zachary Research analyst Patrick Comack said in a note to clients on Monday that Verizon Wireless plans to add to its media line-up by using tower operator Crown Castle’s network to send live TV to its phones in the first quarter of 2006.”
Comack cited unnamed sources (including an engineer from Crown Castle) but neither Crown Castle Nor Verizon Wireless commented for the article.
This would put Verizon — the second largest mobile operator in the US — on the DVB-H technology, giving it an important ‘in’ into the US market. Until reports today that Korea’s KTF was looking at Qualcomm’s MediaFLO technology it looked like the US system would only be used in North America, meaning any entry of other broadcast TV technologies would eat into its market. Looks like things are getting interesting…
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