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30Gigs Email for Free.. Approach With Caution

The Internets are buzzing about this free email service, that plans to give people 30 gigabytes of email storage, aka 15 times what Google offers with its Gmail service. The new service shows how commoditized the hardware, especially storage has become. Still, as may grandfather used to say, nothing in life is free. Not even email. I urge readers to use caution when signing up for this service. Couple of things to make you pause before you sign-up. Neowin users are pointing them out.

In addition, if you do a whois look-up on their domain name, you find it was registered only on September 21, 2005. Makes you wonder how robust this service is going to be, given is brief life thus far. (Maybe I am reaching….!) I did a quick look-up of the “physical address” and the company is based in a “corporate housing complex” in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Still, the idea of free 30 gigs of storage, is quite tempting… imagine what you could do with it!

Update: Since I first posted, the site has gone offline. I tracked down the man behind the company, Dan Saltzman, spoke to him, on his Louisiana area-code phone #, but did not get too satisfactory answers on this. When I asked him, how they are going to pay for it, he said, “we have a method of paying for it.”

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  1. Just like many other people I opened an account with 30gigs, but soon the trouble started, I can no longer delete email from my account, I can not even delete from my inbox.

    I delete mails and voila they pop back where they were, I tried to contact the support mail they provide on the site, but it bounces with email unknown.

    I wonder whats going to happen next, something is really wrong with 30gigs thats for sure, and I am not using that account anymore, I just hope it is not too late.

  2. It would be interesting to see someone write a program like gdrive for 30gigs. That way someone could fill up the whole space with non sensitive mp3 files or something and actually check to see if 30gigs will upload. My first reaction is this is too good to be true.

  3. Steve coms

    There are ways and hacks out there for invitations to 30gigs.. but if i were you take a look int daniel (maz) saltman.. he is a money man… he is addicted to it…a big time scammer for real. tried rippin me and a couple of my associates.. he will be very short lived believe me.. before you know it all his various sites will go down… just like him… Its known as KARMA. you have been warned all.

  4. Hi there guys just wanted to say you guys are all talking a buch bullocks. i have beenusing email for a while now more than 2 months and i’m findin it loads much faster than any webmail service around. I have already sent a few invites to my friends. You dont get any spama at all. So dont critise a service before u haven’t tried it out if u wanna try it go sign up. they have opened the sign up process to the publiv til the end of this month…so if i were any of you guys..i wud go and sign up as quick as possible..

  5. is run by the same (Daniel Saltzman) who runs, as site dedicated to selling hacks to a popular game, Battlefield 2 from EA Games. If you look around MSX Security’s site and see Dan’s attitude, it becomes pretty clear that is being set up by a dishonest crook who’s only out to make a buck. Also, I should mention that using Dan’s hacks requires downloading his “Smileys” program, which is predictably loaded with spyware. Look before you leap, people.

  6. spectreon

    yeah i heard about the terabyte sounds cool but it would take absolute ages to upload big files! with hrider you can upload bout 500mbs per file. it’s 30gigs.
    if anyone has invites for 30gigs pleeeeze send one my way thanks!!!

  7. People across the Internet are excited about the new email service. Following the GMail way of doing things, users can only get into the 30Gigs service through an invitation. The company has big plans, too. According to the 30Gigs…

  8. Beyond file storage I don’t think its going to be of any utility since everyone has a email account and doesn’t want to migrate to an account who’s stability is questionable. But if they can afford 30gig storage space for free, then probably they would be better off providing free storage. with all this talk about web2.0, i can do with a online file system for storage. Perhaps gdrive which incidentally is booked by google.

  9. I wouldn’t use these guys because I already have enough email addresses, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable to assume that a company could get by with a model like this. People would most likely sign up for the 30 gig limit, but most people will never even hit a gig. It’s just like Verio overselling their hosting space by several times actual capacity based on the fact that nobody hits their theoretical limits.

  10. brandon

    yeah, I think you have fallen into their marketing ploy. this is one of those fly-by-night operations. Although your comment on commoditized hardware may be partially true, I can assure you this will not scale (assuming users actually used that much space). The major fallacy here is that no one is running out of gmail space.

  11. Om,

    I think you are making too much out of this. While 30 GBs might be nice to have, I am sure you are limited as G-mail is to only importing a certain amount of data at any one time (so as not to become a haven for digital media backups). If it does not have features that Yahoo has been touting then it is just another commodity.