Raven X41 Linux tablet

Emperor Linux has put a Linux distribution on a Lenovo X41 Tablet PC.  The Raven comes in either a Linux-only version or a dual boot with the standard Windows XP Tablet Edition 2005 and has the following specs:

  • Ravenintegrated Biometric Fingerprint scanner works in Linux
  • train your fingerprints, and use them to login
  • pen / stylus input to screen as a mouse pointer and as a pen / stylus
  • ability to hand-write commands on-screen (converts handwriting to ascii text in the focus area)
  • available handwriting recognition suite (trained conversion of handwritten text images to ascii text)
  • pen has pressure sensitivity in Gimp
  • screen can be rotated to portrait orientation via rotate button
  • special BlueKeys support when Raven X41 is folded into tablet configuration: scroll Up, scroll Down, Enter, and Toolbox keys
  • Toolbox Key (toolbox plugin to “EmpDash” tools to access LCD brightness up/down, volume up/down, backlight, wifi kill, etc)

Handwriting features do require some training, but with careful training, are very nearly as good as the “Windows Journal” at this time.

The usual EmperorLinux functions / features with full Linux support:

  • hibernate to disk
  • wireless b/g (internal wifi , w/ dual antennas)
  • BlueKeys function keys support (LCD brightness, Volume, wifi kill, ext VGA,)
  • CPU throttling (based on usage environment)
  • USB, CardBus (PCMCIA), sound, gigabit ethernet

The Raven is available in four different configurations running from $2350 – $2950.  That’s a lot of money for something that is very nearly as good as the “Windows Journal” so just go buy a real Tablet PC from Lenovo.

(via Engadget)


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