Nuance sues Yahoo for the Heck of It


Microsoft-Google spat is so yesterday. The latest flare up in Silicon Valley is between Yahoo and Nuance Communications. Nuance is accusing Yahoo of stealing trade secrets in the VoIP business. As you might know, Yahoo is pretty serious about this whole VoIP thing, and wants to integrate voice services with its web services. The spat comes as a result of Nuance’s Larry Heck, hightailing to Santa Clara-based Yahoo, along with a dozen Nuance engineers on the project followed him to Yahoo this month. What is that project Heck was working on? Associated Press says, “The technology at issue is called Nuance Directory Assistance Automation, which allows phone users to get information, such as phone listings, without speaking to a person.” Anyone got these court documents?


Jesse Kopelman

Oh, I see it now. I’m not used to paying that much attention to capitalization in cyberspace, sorry.

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