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@ CTIA: The MediaFLO Phone From Qualcomm

Qualcomm, which is pushing its MediaFLO streaming TV-on-the-mobiles technology, was demonstrating the first public prototypes of the phone at CTIA this week. I ran into Rob Chandok, VP of Engineering at MediaFLO, and he gave me a quick demo of the phone. It was running some Turner channels including Cartoon Network, CNN and others.
I made a quick 1 minute movie of the phone through my rather poor quality digital camera, but it doesn’t really do justice to quality of the picture on the phone itself. The QVGA broadcast quality is excellent, as is the sound quality, and if this is anywhere near what the mobile TV service looks like, it will be hard to resist for the early adopters. Of course, there’s the small question of the business model…(The demo was only for 15 fps, but when it launches, the service will be 30 fps…even better.)
() Download the 1:20 minute Quicktime video from here (17 MB, 1.2 minutes)
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