USB stick phone when you’re too lazy to carry a cell phone


The F2K FlashPhone is a “personal communicator” that allows you to make VoIP calls from a little USB memory stick.  Just plug the F2K into any computer’s USB port and instantly make calls with Google Talk, MSN, SIP or Skype.  The F2K has the following features:

  • Compliant with USB 1.1, 2.0 full speed operations.
  • Compliant with USB audio device class specification v1.0
  • Embedded USB audio device to soundcard required.
  • Embedded high performance 16 bit audio DAC with earphone phone buffer.
  • Compatible with Win2000 / Win XP without additional driver.
  • Power by USB Port without additional power.
  • Volume up, volume down, and playback mute support. (Some version maybe no this function).
  • Echo cancellation, loss noise reduction
  • Full duplex communication.
  • Embedded 5V to 3.3V regulator for single external 5V operation.
  • 48 K/44.1KHz sampling rate for both playback and recording.
  • 32-bit DSP modifies and enhances the audio signal
  • Include microphone and speaker.
  • USB Plug and talk unplug and leave.
  • Compliant with USB 1.1, 2.0 full speed operations.
  • 128MB/256MB/512MB flash Storage capacity to store your file.
  • Program/Erase locked during Power transitions.
  • 400,000 Program/Erase cycles. (Tested data provide by flash manufacturer)
  • 10 years Data Retention. (Tested data provide by flash manufacturer)
  • Can be configured as removableor HDD type disk by utility software.
  • Support Autorun feature in removable type disk.
  • Free MPLAT voice machine for skype. Answer machine plus voice recorder.

Besides, you’ve always wanted a personal communicator, haven’t you?  $40.

(via TRJF)

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