Taking Rest of The Day Off


I am taking rest of the day today and tomorrow off…. writing for the magazine and also plan to have a lot of drinks this evening… starting my 365 day countdown to 40…..

Update: Thank you all for kind and warm wishes. Russell sent me a Zero-Cal Cake, while Julia got me a 1000-Cal Cake. Appreciate it. And Technorati, sent me a birthday gift – for a day I was in the Technorati 100 Blogs list. #99 actually! Laziness got me kicked out! Oh my head hurts… my wish … if only I could get the same amount of bandwidth as the # of years I have spent on the planet…. i would be happy!


Jason J. Thomas

Happy Birthday, Om. I have been reading your stuff for some time, and it has been a pleasure.

Hopefully, you enjoyed many drinks last night to celebrate another year.


Happy birthday Om! After writing nite&day you deserve a few drinks and some vacation I think. Seriously, it looks like you live on a plane flying with the sun so you just get days and no nights ;-)


Damn you are old!!. :-) Just kidding… Enjoy. And drink like there is no tommorow. :-)
Have a Great Birthday.


Happy birthday Om. It has been great getting to know you more over the past year. Onward for another year of broadband.

Jacob Varghese

wow, so old! aren’t all people your age out of touch with technology??? I kid, Om. Happy Birthday.

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