Sprint-Nextel On Data Revenue

Len Lauer, the Chief Operating Officer of Sprint Nextel, has predicted that “the average data contribution for the industry could grow to a range of 15 percent to 20 percent in the next five years if services are attractive enough to consumers”…which doesn’t really say much, after all if services were attractive enough to consumers it could grow to 50%, so the statement is more an indication that high-end mobile content won’t have mass appeal for a while. In fact, with one analyst claiming that about 7% of average revenue per user in the US currently comes from data 15-20% is not a tricky target…especially considering ARPU from voice is generally on a downward trend.
It’s an indication of how well content has to do for the carriers to consider it successful…they’re not looking to replace the TV industry, just make a few extra bucks. That’s my reading of it, anyway.
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