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Musings On Skype

Relating to the press release Rafat reported on below…At first I thought the Skype Ringtones and so on were going to be for mobile phones, which seemed silly. But it seems the ringtones and wallpapers are going to be offered for use on the computer…Skypes traditional environment. Of course, Skype isn’t the only VoIP application (although if it gets integrated with eBay it could easily become or remain the largest and most widespread) and there’s no reason why VoIP services in general can’t be personalized with ringtones, skins, wallpapers and so on. It will be another market for mobile content providers…
Interestingly Skype was brought up a few times at CTIA, and not just in the context of destroying voice revenues. Bill Barhydt of Sennari mentioned during his case study that Skype would play a very big role in future mobile gaming. I asked him via e-mail to elaborate and he replied:
“Probably too involved to answer via email. Bottom line is that they have the early adopter base to potential become the ‘neutral’ third party that gaming companies could go after for getting their ‘presence’ capabilities from. Presence is the basis for real-time IP based communications (IM, VOIP, Push to Talk, etc). I’m not sure that game companies will want to get these capabilities from MS, AOL, Yahoo, etc. if gamers think that they are trying to compete with them. To be honest, I haven’t totally thought this through so I could be wrong but so far this makes good sense to me.”