@CTIA: It’s Cinematic

We said here’s the internet on your cellphone and then we gave them great text. So one of the problems is that people may overhype and dash expectations — Alex Bloom
Here are some quotes from various people on the cinematic panel…the moderator didn’t really allow a conversation to develop, preferring instead to fire questions at single panelists and toss in his own observations (such as his experience five years ago when he was told by a Fox executive: “Video on mobile phones? get the heck out of my office!”) The panel consisted of Alex Bloom, Director Content & Programming Verizon Wireless; David Bluhm, CEO, GoTV Networks; Lucy Hood, SVP of Content & Marketing, NewsCorp; Bill Stratton, Vice President Business Development, Turner Broadcasting System; and Mark Selby, Global VP, Multimedia Business Sales, Nokia.
Bluhm — “Three to ten percent is a viable percentage of subscribers that can be actively involved in playing mobile games. Mobile video is more compelling for the consumer, we have a 10x opportunity, we feel like 25-30% of our subscribers will be regular watchers of mobile tv within the next five years.”
Selby — “We’ve got to over come a few things. We’re looking at three industries coming together.” Those industries being telcos, technology and the media…all of which have certain ways of doing things. He gave some examples of the problem: “The word ‘network’ means something different to each of these parties, as does the word ‘switch’.” He also pointed out that broadcast involves delivery of content to a mass audience while telephony is fundamentally an interactive service. “The only way we will be successful is to bring these two things together.”
Selby — “A lot of broadcasters are seeing the younger audience disengaging from tv, and mobile is a way to reengage with that audience.”
Bloom — When asked about various surveys responded: “People are not aware of what they will find once they experience it. We know there’s an appetite for video.” Which is a good point…when you call up someone and say “Hey, wanna watch TV on your cellphone?” and they look at their 3yr-old device, of course they’re going to say “no”.
Hood — In response to the same question she said that “its also about content products that haven’t been invented yet.”
Stratton — “We are trying to work out the right model for advertising… We also think its important from a delivery and business model perspective to have advertising as a key part of the service… The answer is more appropriate and targetted advertising on the mobile platform.”
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